A few words about the author
Ingrid Kern grew up in Vienna, Austria, being physically, mentally and emotionally abused by her alcoholic father.  After his death she dropped out of school at age eighteen.  She worked as a model throughout Europe and played on the stage in Vienna for one season.  Ingrid then moved to New York and got married.  After her divorce she moved to Los Angeles, where her actual healing journey began.
She has published two books of poetry: “Volume One” and “Words From An Unchained Heart.”  She received several awards for some of her poems including the Poet of Merit Award from the International Society of Poets for her poem “9/11.”  Several of her poems have been featured in the Brentwood News.
Connecting with other people who went through challenging times produced "What's Your Monster's Name?" and the follow up book "Taming the Monster" was puplished earlier this year. In between the Monster books "100 Whispered Words" shows the sunnier side of the author. Ingrid continues to follow her passion to dig deep into the human psyche and put that experience on paper.
 Ingrid  lives in Los Angeles and shares her time working in Real Estate, managing a building, writing and traveling. She loves animals and takes care of them when in need.