“Triumph” is the follow up book to “What’s Your Monster’s Name?” in which Ingrid interviewed people telling her how they applied a certain life skill to overcome difficult situations. 
The author's commitment to overcome her doubts and fears; quiet the voices in her head; and make one of her dreams come true to participate in  the Summer Senior Olympics after 49 years of not running at all, takes the reader through some 4 years of her training, her search for answers and her desire to leave the past behind. Finishing 7th with a torn hamstring at The National Games in 2011 ended her career as a Sprinter.

The book gives the reader a glimpse of what the author, who has been physically, emotionally and psychologically abused as a child, was daily going through to get past the still powerfully looming influence of her father.  The physical pain due to a few injuries made her connect to the pain she endured as a child; going deeper and finally receiving psychological help she continued her intense work on taming the monster called FEAR.


We decorated our Christmas trees with 100 ribbons in
100 different shades of red,
100 crystal ornaments and
100 candy canes.

Dol - 100 - Korean Tradition celebrates the first One Hundred days in the life of a child. Being a little Korean girl’s godmother became the
source of inspirational fuel for Ingrid to write the “100 Whispered Words”
love story.
In “What's Your Monster's Name?” former-model-turned-author Ingrid Kern retells the physical, mental and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of an alcoholic father, and how those experiences affected her life.  “What's Your Monster's Name?” is not a simple purging of traumas.  Ingrid's inspirational book offers readers hope and healing with stories of other people who have faced down the “monsters” in their lives using real examples that are sure to enlighten and uplift.  
“In my own life, my monster was the feeling of fear associated with inadequacy. But once I learned to conquer it, I experienced freedom to live for the first time.  My mission is to help people conquer these monsters as early in their lives as possible.”   
"What's Your Monster's Name?" features over 40 personal interviews with both ordinary people and household names including (Tony Tarantino, Michele Blood), all of whom have overcome the verbally and physically abusive monsters in their lives.  “What’s Your Monster’s Name” demonstrates that whether you're 16 or 60, you can gain awareness, and learn the life skills you need to leave behind the traumas of childhood and grow as a person.

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